Below are valuable resources that will help you succeed with your investments:

Assuming you are not using a discount broker, your best resource is your broker. They provide a goldmine of information and knowledge. Most brokers these days have updated news, quotes, and a handful of free educational webinars to help you succeed.

Robert Kiyosaki’s book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” is a must read for anyone who is serious about their financial future. The book is available on for under $10, and because of its success, it is also available in most local libraries. This book was written in the late 1990’s and only becomes more relevant as time goes on.

I recommend consistently reading the news, as it is detrimental to maintaining financial stability.  I have listed a couple of news resources below that I trust and read on a daily basis:


Yahoo Finance is my favorite news resource. I have used their news service for a very long time and found it very informative and easy to use. They have up to date news, market commentary, live quotes, market stats and much more. They also have a video channel called Breakout which is a news service/talk show with knowledgeable hosts that discuss important topics. Be sure to give Yahoo Finance a try.


I strongly recommend everyone get a subscription to the WSJ newspaper. Yes it does cost money, but it is a valuable resource and it’s reasonably priced. You get a newspaper every morning that is packed with detailed information on the most important events happening in the market place, businesses and around the world. I know newspapers are old fashioned and you might think it’s “yesterday’s” news, but the articles are so in depth that it is definitely worth getting.


Great website that provides up to date news. They also have plenty of information and updates on various topics such as economic conditions, business news and current world events.


I’m sure you’ve all heard of Forbes. A magazine with an investment focus.


Informed, expert analysis before, during and after the trading day.


Provides good news and all-round information.


Educational Resources:


Investopedia is probably the best online educational resource available. It has tutorials on just about everything you can think of when it comes to investing, trading, personal finances and so much more! It’s almost always the first hit on Google when you search for any type of financial education. This is a must see for everyone, so make sure you check out Investopedia.


This website is a pretty good resource for individual investors. Their focus is mainly on conservative long term investing. Their articles are well written and objective.


This is owned by Dow Jones (Publisher of the WSJ) and has excellent articles. Great resource for educational purposes and financial planning.


A highly regarded association dedicated to the education of individual investors. Another helpful resource for the individual investor


Equity, options, and futures exchanges:

NYSE Euronext

The world’s premier stock market. This is the website for the NYSE; it has information on how the exchange works and some other useful information


This has more of a trader feel to the website, where as the NYSE has more of an investor feel to it


The world’s largest options exchange. Check this one out it’s a great website. It has market data, news, and a lot of educational resources if you’re interested in learning more about options.


The world’s largest futures exchange. This website is very similar to the CBOE.

Other useful websites:

SEC logo

This is the SEC’s website. Among other things it has a database of company filings. If you’re looking for an SEC filing from a company this is the place to find it. Annual reports, quarterly reports, insider buys and sales are all on this website.

Berkshire Hathaway logo

This is Warren Buffet’s legendary company. The website is very plain, but has some useful information. If anything you should check out Warren Buffet’s letters to his shareholders. He also has an owner’s manual which is a guide on how a company should be run.