About Us

Value investing in stocks  My name is Luka Milicevic, but my friends like to call me “Trader Lamp”. Considering you are taking the time to read through my experiences and take my advice, I definitely consider you a friend.

I am a self-taught trader/investor. When I was 14 years old, my neighbor got me started in the stock market by giving me some books to read, and since then I have developed a fascination for numbers and how the stock market works. Unfortunately, I never had anyone to mentor me or teach me how the game works, and most of the time, I had to learn the ins and outs of trading and investing the hard way.

I attended Murray State University where I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, and directly following my graduation, I decided to work towards my Masters in Business Administration with an Accounting focus. I graduated with my MBA degree in 2012.

During my time in college I received a small following from my peers who wanted to learn more about the tips of the trade, and I began sending knowledge through different forms of communication, as well as social media. My peers, who always called me Lamp, began labeling this trendy market knowledge that I sent to them as “Lamp’s Trading Tips”. I learned quickly how much I enjoyed helping others succeed, and it has driven me to continue to build my following by creating this website and my eBooks.

My Philosophy

My philosophy that I teach and abide by with my own trading is simple; we trade and invest for income! I explain all of this and more in my eBooks which I have spent countless hours preparing.

My goal is to make you a successful trader/investor by helping you develop your own style. Everyone is unique, and everyone has different goals, expectations and risk tolerance. With all of these key factors being taken into account, I try to help you find the style and the instruments that you will feel most comfortable using in your day to day market functions.

I will be updating this site constantly with new ideas and fresh content to put you in the best possible situation to succeed. Please go ahead and sign up for your free membership. You will have access to my blog where I post market commentary and the latest trading/investing ideas.

I see a success in your future, my friends!

-          Trader Lamp

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